• Calendula 7.5 ml
Patterns of imbalance: Using cutting or shapr words; argumentative, lack of receptivity in communication with others.

The Calendula flower imparts a warm, golden light of healing for those souls who must learn to use the Word as a truly creative spiritual force. The Word (or Logos) is the source of all creation, ever renewing itself through the womb of Nature. Thus Calendula is also known as Marys Gold; for the golden sun-radiance of the Word must be birthed through the receptive feminine matrix. In every human communication there is always this masculine and feminine polarity, of that which is spoken and that which is heard, or received. Calendula flower essence helps those whose innate creative potential to use the spoken word often deteriorates into argument and misunderstanding. --Taken from Flower Essence Repertory by P. Kaminski and R. Katz

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Calendula 7.5 ml

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