• Alfalfa Seed, organic (bulk)

Price per ounce. Alfalfa in Arabic, means father. Perhaps this refers to its function as a superlative restorative tonic. It treats all chronic and acute digestive weaknesses, aiding the assimilation of protein, carbohydrates, iron and calcium, as well as various essential trace minerals. Thus alfalfa can be given two or three times daily as a substitute for tea whenever there is a need to increase flesh and generally to build and regenerate normal strength and vitality. In this, its indications are not at all dissimilar to its immune-potentiating Chinese relative Astragalus membranaceus. Alfalfa serves as an ideal cooling Yin tonic suitable for various acute and chronic inflammatory suymptoms associated with degeneration and aging. Alfalfa is indicated for chronic and acute cystitis, burning urine, prostatitis, peptic ulcers, as well as various arthritic and rheumatic complaints, including lower backache. It also increases mothers milk. It is slow and deep acting so it should be taken regularly on a daily basis for treating chronic disorders. The Way of Herbs, by Michael Tierra, C.A.,ND Pg.102

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Alfalfa Seed, organic (bulk)

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