• Chaste Tree Berry, organic (bulk)

Chaste Tree has the effect of stimulating and normalising pituitary gland functions, especially its progesterone function. It may be called an amphoteric remedy, as it can produce apparently opposite effects though in truth it is simply normalising. It has for instance a reputation as both an aprhrodisiac and an anaphrodisac! It will always enable what is appropriate to occur. The greatest use of Chaste Tree lies in normalising the activity of female sex hormones and it is thus indicated for dysmenorrhoea, premenstrual stress and other disorders related to hormone function. It is especially beneficial during menopausal changes. In a similar way it may be used to aid the body to regain a natural balance after the use of the birth control pill. The New Holistic Herbal by David Hoffmann Pg. 191

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Chaste Tree Berry, organic (bulk)

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