• Hawthorn Leaf, organic (bulk)

Hawthorn Berries provide us with one of the best tonic remedies for the heart and circulatory system. They act in a normalising way upon the heart by either stimulating or depressing its activity depending upon the need. In other words, Hawthorn Berries will move the heart to normal function in a gentle way. As a long term treatment they may safely be used in heart failure or weakness. They can similarly be used in cases of palpitations. As a tonic for the circulatory system they find their primary use in the treatment of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and angina pectoris. Whilst they can be very effective in the aiding of these conditions, qualified attention is esstential. The New Holistic Herbal by David Hoffmann Pg206

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Hawthorn Leaf, organic (bulk)

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