• Essiac Tea PLus Cat's Claw-Liquid Tea 32 oz
The Ezzeac Plus Cat’s Claw is by far the most popular of our teas and outsells all other teas of this type 8 to 1. This tea has all the properties and herbs of our Original Ezzeac Tea, but, we have added cat’s claw herb to the formula.

Description of Exxiac Tea: This tea has the four original herbs plus Watercress to counteract oxalic acid, which is found in the original four herbs. Oxalic acid has been linked to kidney stones or other severe kidney problems. We are the only company that treats each herb separately in preparing the formula, extracting the most from each herb, creating a much more effective tea. Our herbal tea has three times the herbs of any other type formula.

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Essiac Tea PLus Cat's Claw-Liquid Tea 32 oz

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