• Palo Santo Incense 40 grams
From the heart of the Peruvian jungle grows a incredible thousand-year-old tree! Its Natural Aroma wraps its surroundings and human species. Palo Santo has been and intrinsic part of the Inca cultures known to come from a time before it was time which used to use it in many varied forms: to purify and get rid of the bad spirits, misfortune and calamities.

Today it is still used as a spiritual incense, unique and totally provided by THE PACHA MAMA (Mother Earth), without any alteration by human hands. Palo Santo is very good against insects of all kind, moth mosquito, etc. you may carry it or leave in between your clothes, provides a wonderful and subtle aroma. Palo Santo is under management by the Peruvian Government, so, when you buy Palo Santo you help in the reforestation of the species.

To use it: Light the stick with fire until it is burning, allow it burn for a few seconds and then blow until it smokes only. The aroma will fill the environment close by. it will stop burning shortly. You can burn it as many times as you feel like. One stick can last three nights of a full moon (many hours, possibly 10).

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Palo Santo Incense 40 grams

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